My Adventures Of The Previous Night

22 05 2007

Well last night was quite eventful for me, many things happened.

First, a friend and I went biking, and got another friend, and went to his house.  There we basically ran around the house and got yelled at by his mom when we crashed the wheelie chair into some stuff and then when putting it away we again got yelled at by his mom as we somehow managed to flip it when putting it away.  After this we decided to leave and just go for a bike ride.

 Somehow, we ended up in the new area that’s just being developed.  At once me and my friends saw some dirt roads-to-be so instantly started to go on them, and there was just a sidewalk, and then a drop off to wear the road was to be put in.  So we went along this road for a while, and then it ended at a bay, and, since it had rained the night before, the dirt that was wear houses were to be put in were all muddy, and we just “happened” to end up going off-roading in this small area.  Mud soon got stuck on our bikes and as we went mud would fly high into the air.  We Had to stop for a minute to push our bikes through the mud as it was so thick, and one of my friends out of no where grabbed some of the mud on his bike and through it at my other friend.  This ended up in one of my friends getting mad, but only for a minute, as then we saw a massive dirt pile.

The dirt pile was out someways in the field, and it was obvious it was all the dirt leftover from where the houses were being built, and it was in no current use.  So we proceeded over to the big dirt pile, and on the way there we had to stop quite a few times to push our bikes through the mud.  So, we finally got to the big dirt pile.  At the time we hadn’t seen the easy way up, so we pushed our bikes basically straight up on the one side of the hill, which also happened to be the steepest.  We hit a few obstacles on the way up and it took some time to get them up, but we did it.  Then we looked over and saw the easy way up.  Once we looked around we also saw little dirt hills for a long while, that were just in random clumps and it was all drying mud, and in some spots was dirt.  Once we came to the conclusion that it would be fun to go through all those little dirt hills, I discovered I had to take a leak.  So I went to the side of the hill(the side with all the little dirt hills) and unzipped and started to let loose.  Then out of no where one of my friends pushed me down the hill as I was letting loose, so, I basically fell down the hill, trying not to get piss on me, and then once at the bottom I was stumbling around trying to keep my balance and trying to avoid falling in the mud, while i had my hand on my dick, so I didn’t have much balance, especially with mud and dirt constantly being pushed out from under you.  Once at the bottom I finished and then came to the top of the hill. 

Once I got to the top my friend had proceeded to bike down the side of the hill that we came up(I had fell down a different side, but it was as equally as steep, I basically gaped the hillside while trying to keep balance, so I was flying through the air with my dick in my hand haha).  He went for a good two feet, until his front tire hooked and he found himself flying over his handlebars, due to leaning to far forward.

 Once my friend, after falling off of his bike, was at the bottom, me and a friend started to throw mud chunks at him.  he soon got mad at this and didn’t want to come up, so then me and my friend just went running through all the mud at the bottom, and almost fell in the murky water a few times.  Once we finally came out, our shoes had become stilts, and we were about 3-4 inches off the ground due to the mud on the bottom of our shoes.  Once all the mud was off, we headed home, the whole time talking about the nights events.

So yeah, my night was pretty eventful.  Sorry if it’s confusing at any parts.




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