Motorola RAZR2 – Better?Worse?

26 12 2007

Motorola RAZR2 Ok, well way back when I stated my opinion on the Motorola Razr. I said how I can’t stand it and all, and how theres to many versions of it. Well it looks like Motorola wasn’t listening, as they have came out with a new phone – the Motorola RAZR2. It seems they just don’t know when to stop the Razr’s production.

Well, with the RAZR2 it seems that they might of afterall been listening to me to a point, as now at the bottom of the phone, underneath the keypad, the big hump has been removed. This is good, as that was one of the things that bothered me most about this phone.

They may have been listening to me about that, but there’s still many flaws just in the design of the RAZR2. One of the things I still can’t stand is how when you push a button on the keypad, the whole keypad goes down, and not just the number. They really need to rethink the keypad.

Somehow they have managed to make this phone 2mm thinner, although it is still quite wide, and for people like me, the width is unbearable. Motorola just doesn’t seem to get that they need to make it thinner widthwise, rather than thinner thickness wise. If they make the phone any thinner thickness wise, the phone will be to thin, and in my opinion, even less durable than it currently is.

One thing I don’t like about this phone that I didn’t mind on the V3 RAZR is the front of the phone. On the original version it wasn’t that bad. But on the new RAZR2 I just can’t stand the front of the phone for some reason. It’s like they tried to make it look better, but really, they made it worse.

Overall, I still don’t like the main phone line for Motorola. They really need to rethink what their main phone is. Maybe focus more on the V360 or a similar phone and make it their main phone line.



26 12 2007

Well, it seems to me that I had forgotten about this blog.  You see, my problems with blogs is the first week that I have them I always write a bunch of stuff, but then I run out of steam and forget about the whole thing.  So maybe this time will work out and I’ll limit myself to one or two posts a day this time and we’ll see how things work out so first off…im off to organize this blog, you’ll hear from me soon…