Razr’s – What’s The Big Hype?

21 05 2007

Pink Motorola RazrPersonally, I would like to know what’s so good about the Motorola Razr. 

I would also like to know why theres so many different versions of it.  Theres many many versions of it, but yet they all perform the same, and they all look the same, so what is the point of having so many different types of them? 

To me they are a piece of junk also, as they are not durable at all, and I’m the type that needs a durable cell phone.  The other day in class a girl dropped her Razr, and it literally exploded, and I saw with my two eyes, so no one out there can say it’s durable.  Hmm let’s see another “quality” of it.  How about the wear and tear?  Well that’s not good either, as a different girl I go to school with has a Razr, and she’s had it for two years.  Sure it lasted that long, but it’s not in the greatest of condition.  After having it for two years, when talking on the phone to her, what she’s saying is barely audible, as the microphone, or whatever you want to call it, on her phone, doesn’t work to well after you have used it for two years.  Hmm lets think of another example while Razr’s suck.  A friend of mine(that hasn’t been previously mentioned in this article)  received a Razr for some reason or another.  She had the Razr for about two or so days, when she dropped it, and now her front screen doesn’t work on it, all due to one drop. 

Another thing I don’t like about the Razr is it’s looks.  The first thing I don’t like about it’s looks is the width of it.  Who would want to carry around such a wide phone that’s going to like stretch your pocket?  Ok maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but still, it bothers me how wide the Razr is.  Another thing I don’t like is how when it’s open, at the bottom of the phone, where the microphone is, it sticks out.  To me that just looks overly ugly, having that big piece just sticking out. 

 Yet another thing about the Razr that I don’t like is how the keypad is one piece.  Whatever happened to individual buttons, instead of one big keypad?  I hate the idea of having one big keypad, as then when you hit one button, the rest of the keypad moves to, and for some odd reason I just can’t stand that.

This all just proves that the Razr sucks, sure the odd Razr stands up to something, but other than that their not durable and of poor quality.  Hopefully the Motorola Krzr will turn out better than all these versions of the Razr did.   Motorola really has lost respect due to the Razr IMO, or at least i have lost respect to Motorola for it haha.  Well not really respect, but what I expect from Motorola, such as good quality, and durable phones.


Ipod? Is It Really Worth It?

21 05 2007

Is it really worth buying an Ipod?  I mean like really, the 1 gig Ipod Shuffle with no screen, so you have no way of telling what song is on, goes for about $90 but yet meanwhile a 4 gig MP3 player, goes for the same price although it has a screen and everything else.  So why is everyone buying Ipods, but yet they can get something that’s way better for the same price?  Ipod’s are simply a fad, and in my opinion, Apple is lucky that people are even buying these Ipod’s as people can get way better items for their money.  If it weren’t for the fad, Apple would be losing millions of dollars producing these things.  In my opinion, Apple really needs to start making better products.

Why Is The Nintendo Wii So Popular?

21 05 2007

This is a topic that comes to my mind a lot.  Why is the Nintendo Wii so popular? In my mind it is a total waste of a gaming system.  I’ve used one before, or should I say attempted to use one?  I had many difficulties with it.  Such as when I pointed the controller at the screen to try and select something, I just couldn’t get the pointer to go to the correct spot, it was going everywhere but there.  And another thing.  The graphics are completely horrible.  They have literally gone back in time, but yet everyone seems to enjoy them.  The PS3 by far should be overpowering them in sales, and I’m sure they would be if it weren’t for their hefty price tag.  Overall though, I can only see onespot where the Wii is good.  And that spot is where it involves physical activity.  Other than just sitting on the couch you actually have to move to play the game, but other than that I don’t see much good in this console, and if it were up to me, I’d call this gaming system a flop, if it weren’t for all of it’s supporters.  Technical wise, it was a flop though.  As these stats prove:


In the end, this proves that, technically, this system is a piece of crap.  Although this is just my $0.02 I think many would agree, and disagree.